Life of a Busy Designer


I’ve been a busy Gal. Working on pieces to premiere at an upcoming fashion show in NJ.
Here’s a few I’ve designed but some were gifts/sold.





OOTD: Hump Day Wednesday Never Looked So Good


I’m feeling very fashionable today. It’s been an exhausting week but I’m still buzzing over #NewYorkFashionWeek. I decided to pick up a few things, check out the fashion scene and listen to the streets of New York. I also visited my favorite fabric district to check out the fabrics and breathe new inspiration into my own custom designer collection #YassinaApparel showcased through my #MobileBoutique #ClosetGlam.
My hump day garbs consists of #Rue21 maxi skirt, #Rainbow crown bohemian top, #bebe heart necklace, my custom earrings, bracelet from my jewelry line #glambeadsandcharms, fedora and bracelets from my #ClosetGlamMobileBoutique and ladtly my #LV Crossbody bag that makes life so simple.
Always appreciate your feedback. Tell me what you think?





OOTD: Denim Blues Monday


So Monday always gives everyone the blues… I decided to fashionably liven up Monday with a little custom blues. It’s Fashion Werk in NYC and everybody whose anybody is showcasing their designs all over the #LincolnCenter and surrounding areas. So I decided to wear some designs of my own. My custom clothing line that is.
Since Fall has crept in, I kicked my fabric up a notch. I’m wearing from #YassinaApparel collection at #ClosetGlamBoutique my custom denim and black leopard print flutter top, it has a matching tam hat and white sash. For the cooler weather I’ve added my faux leather leggings from #bebe (they fit so grand) #Gucci framed eyeglasses and my own custom earrings and accessories compliments of my #MobileBoutique #ClosetGlam. Tell me what you think?


Fall Fashion Transition Inspiration – Part 1 “Gym Flow”


Some of my favorite outfits posted on the web I wanted to share and get you inspired for my favorite season of all. Styling for the Fall or at least fashionably transitioning that Summer wardrobe into Fall/Winter is my goal. You’re gonna love these style inspirations. Some of us don’t have a shopping list, with Summer ending in a couple weeks maybe sooner with the weather already giving us a clue. Time to send Summer packing and pull out that Fall/Winter closet. Let’s get inspired!
Who says you can’t look good hitting the gym ?



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In the Lab


So, I got my machines fixed and roaring to go. I have several events to attend for NY FASHION WEEK. So this is my first custom outfit I made to wear. Crop top long-sleeved shirt and high-waisted maxi skirt. All my designs from my #YassinaApparel collection. Tell me what you think?

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Sunday Vending


It was a beautiful peaceful Sunday. At the park in Trenton, New Jersey my husband asked me to showcase my things from the boutique. My cousin joined me by hanging out, helping to showcase the beautiful crafts and things. My style, my blue studded sandals were from #Ross, dress from my closet, watch was #MichaelKors and accessories of course from #ClosetGlamBoutique. Thanks Lovie, thanks to everyone that supported and stopped by to say hello and helped me set up. Shout out the wonderful children I adopted Sunday. I must have given away a ton of things to the babies.