My Little Blues Clues


This is his most adorable picture yet. Juel’z dressed like #BluesClues for the Halloween festival in #Philadelphia . My daughter sent me this picture. Isin’t he just adorable guys?



The Children’s Place -Baby Haul


I remember one of the things I missed so much was, when my kids were little I use to dress my children alike for the holidays. All the cute little outfits they would wear for Sunday church service. How I missed them days.

Now I have two wonderful Grandbabies. They are so adorable. Ke-an is 2 and Juel’z is 1. They both wear a size 3T. Yes, Juel’z is a healthy one year old Lol.

So, when I shop for them I buy the same thing and the same sze, everyone thinks they’re brothers cause they look so much alike. Check out the super cute things I found at the Children’s Place. Cool Polo, sweater vest, the cutest Oxford shoes and pinstripe boys brim hat. All was on sale 40% off or better. My son also used his #retailmenot app from his phone that gave us additional deals.

I also got my God-Daughter Tahanee this cool sun hat and headband that was a steal.
Tell me what you think? More amazing deals to share with you, stay tuned and HAPPY SHOPPING!




My Grands Got Style


So we’re in Charlotte, NC visiting my dearest Sister Danyetta. The weather has been rainy so we decided to enjoy indoor activities. Welcome to Discovery Kids. A place for children to learn, play, explore and never be told no, stop or don’t touch. It was loads of fun.
Baby fashions, On my Grandson Ke-an ( Osh-Kosh) on my Grandson Juel’z (Timberland)