First Day of Spring and Free Rita’s Water Ice


March 20th marks the first day of Spring. You know what that means.. Free Rita’ssss. If I was back in Jersey, me and the family usually visit a minimum of three #Rita’s just to sample as many new flavored the season will bring. They normally give you these really small cups.
This time we were in Charlotte and while we were used to lines blocks long..not this time. We went before school let out and right after lunch. The line was reasonable at the Plaza location.
They offered some great new flavors; Starburst strawberry, Starburst cherry, Sour-patch kids, Wildberry and Starburst orange. They even gave us modest size cups bigger than that normal small one they gave in Jersey in the past. Lol. I got to enjoy Sour-patch kids, sooo good especially since it was a beautiful 70 degrees in Charlotte. My family enjoyed the first day of Spring and some #FreeRita’s