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Can’t wait for Spring. Wanna pull this beautiful #CalvinKlein beige suit out of the closet. Jewelry by #ClosetGlam, handbag by #LouisVuitton and hair by ShaBree of #SewTalented.



A Few Inches Down, But Not Fashionably Out!


1,2,3 You’re Out! That’s what it felt like. The referee had counted me out of the Fashion Game when I got injured at work. I know, I know it’s a risk that’s part of the job my colleagues would say. I love my job, I just don’t like how I was treated for getting injured in the line of duty. While they wrestle with getting me more treatment, I’m the Diva a few inches down staring at close to 200+ shoes & boots I’ve meticulously collected, loved, worn, some still new with tags on them but cant wear 90% of them.

When my husband remodeled my closet he said, “I counted, you have over 200 pairs of shoes”. I still laugh about that and then cry, cause I don’t know if I will ever get into another pair of heels again. (Sidebar-I learned from a friend, when you buy a new pair of shoes, you donate your old ones to a women’s shelter).

You have no idea how hard it was for me to stand in MGT Inspection line in our NEw York unity class with a pair of UGGs on. The Sister said to me, I understand you got injured but you need to accept it and get you some flat shoes Sis. Although I cried a little inside I still cherish her correction. It was time, it’s been almost a year since I got injured.

Soooo…The New, still fly, still fashionable Diva in me has accepted the fact that I have to wear flat shoes for a while. Yeah, I’m a few inches down but Definitely Not fashionably out.

Check out my style; Calvin Klein maxi dress that I got at a great price, my jewelry is from #ClosetGlamBoutique including my Rose colored #BlackGirlsRock ring as seen on your favorite celebs like #JenniferHudson (Love Her) and my FABULOUS, newly embraced, #NOTHEELSBUTITWILLDO #MichaelKors sneaker and my hair by #Sew_Talented Shabree.
Stay fabulous and share your thought on my style??

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What’s funny is I had a training class for officers and I didn’t know it was hands on combat, so when I showed up looking like this my Lt sent me home ( he said nobody wants to be charged with sexual harassment). I truly didn’t know, they wouldn’t even let me take my shoes off. Lmbo
Sweater Dress by #CalvinKlein, Gypsy #Leggings by #ClosetGlamBoutique, ankle boots stylists own, Hair by ShaBree, accessories also picture taken at Closet Glam. My grandson my Ke’an clothing by #childrensplace

What do you think? They should’ve let me stayed right?