March-National Craft Month


March is not only special cause it’s the month of my birth but also because it’s National Craft Month.
Nobody had a better sale than #JoannesFabricandCrafts no this sale you did not find in their sales circular, you had to be there to believe it. If you’re an Artisan like myself, it was a crafters dream. This unadvertised sale covered every genre of crafting. #MimiG patterns for #Simplicity along with their other patterns were $1.99 each. You would only find a better deal at expos or fairs. Check out my Grandson Ke’an with the help of his cousin Juel’z make his mommy a birthday card along with pictures of the sales I took advantage of. Happy Crafting, check out/Like my #Facebook page #CraftCropandScrapbookDivas .
Warm Regard Loves 😀











Trenton Triple Threat : Message of Solidarity


My company #GlamNationManagementI manages their music careers. The guys wanted to make a statement not just with their music, and not the fact that they donate some of their time to inspiring youth to express themselves creatively through music and art, but on a more national level. The campaign of #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe their label #FrontLineEntertainment supported them sending a message of solidarity and support all the way from #TrentonNJ Check out #BMooreSincere #TrentonPayper #Te’ZhuenWatson cause #BlackLivesDoMatter




OOTD: Grandsons Fall Weather Gear


Hi, I threw on my creative hat again. This time not for myself but to prepare the loves of my life for that brisk Fall weather. It is inspired by my affection for the home team #Philadelphia76ers. So I made blankets, gloves, hats and scarves for my two grandsons #Ke’an who is turning 3 and #Juel’z who is turning 2. Both of them share birthdays in November. This morning was cool enough to wear the sets as my son treated us to breakfast at #IHOP. Oh yeah, shout out the #76ers players who gave me thumbs up on #Instagram for my designs. Thanks guys my Grandsons are obsessed with #basketball and #football like their #Glamma.

Stay tuned for the #EAGLESTAILGATINGPARTY I went to.





Fall Fashion Transition Inspiration – Part 1 “Gym Flow”


Some of my favorite outfits posted on the web I wanted to share and get you inspired for my favorite season of all. Styling for the Fall or at least fashionably transitioning that Summer wardrobe into Fall/Winter is my goal. You’re gonna love these style inspirations. Some of us don’t have a shopping list, with Summer ending in a couple weeks maybe sooner with the weather already giving us a clue. Time to send Summer packing and pull out that Fall/Winter closet. Let’s get inspired!
Who says you can’t look good hitting the gym ?



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