Feeding My Mind & Body


I’ve been trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t like that curse word (diet) cause when you say it, you’re doomed to fail it. So let’s say we’re adopting a healthier lifestyle. This includes: moving, some form of exercise, eating right and thinking right. Me and my workout partner, prayer warrior and cousin (Eyvonda) we went to yoga class, then we shopped #TraderJoes and had early dinner at #Chipotles. I then headed to the library and found two great book at a bargain. Normally I’m a #Nook gal but sometimes I just need that hardback book.
#TraderJoes haul: spinach dip, light sour cream, light cream cheese, raisin rosemary crisps, spanakoplias, Thai curry sauce and snack toasts.
#EwingLibrary haul: “Enemies-History of the FBI”, “The Power of Habit-Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business”
A few pictures of us Girl talking at #Chipotles









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Beyonc’e Mega-Star & Mega-Humanitarian


My admiration for Beyonc’e goes deeper than her artistry. It’s the side of this Mega-Star many don’t get a chance to see, but we all should know.
So, I’m taking a cue from #Beyonce Knowles-Cater’s book of, Charity starts with one kind effort.
Many of you may not like her songs, like how she dress or dances. Make ignorant, disrespectful and prejudice comments about her beautiful, innocent daughter #BlueIvy. Some don’t even like the fact that she’s married to #JayZ, but the one thing you cannot dislike is her good heart because more than all her money and fame is her Humanitarian Efforts.

Beyonce has raised more than $1 Million for her husband’s Shawn Carter Foundation, his organization that sends kids to college. Secondly, she Co-founded the Beyonce Cosmetology Center with her mother Tina Knowles. The program is designed for women recovering from drugs to earn their cosmetology license during a seven month training. Mrs. Carter later, Collaborated with FLOTUS Michelle Obama on her “Move Your Body” video for the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign to help fight childhood obesity. Beyonce and her family along with Destiny’s Child members went to the aid of victims from Hurricane Katrina. To date Beyonce has donated more than $2.5 Million to Katrina victims displaced and now living in Houston. Her latest efforts as seen on her World Tours is Mrs Carter and the Survivor Team partnered with Feed America to donate food and supplies to food banks across America.

While many choose to negatively talk about Beyonce, this Super Star Shines! Husband, Jay Z said in his song “#Part II- On The Run”, ” BLIND ME BABY WITH YOUR NEON LIGHTS” ( which is my favorite song for 2014 right now).

I digress, how many of us can say we take time out of our lives to help someone less fortunate than ourselves? You don’t need millions of dollars to feed a homeless person, help a senior citizen grocery shop, volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate your old clothes and shoes to family shelters, mentor high school students, be a big brother/big sister to a fatherless or motherless child.
We can ALL DO SOMETHING. Step back, save your judgements and DO SOMETHING!
People are suffering everyday. Young men, women and children are being murdered or suffering from senseless acts of violence. Prejudices and ignorance are rampantly plaguing our communities, when just one single act of kindness and love could do so much more. Look around, everyday there is a frightening disrespect of human life.

But, change can happen and happen over night just by simply caring about someone other than yourself. I challenge everyone to Smile often. Something as simple as a smile can really go a long way. Each of us can make a difference in the life of another.

Say whatever you want about Beyonce, I have admiration for the woman she has Evolved into. Mrs. Carter is a Mega- Star Phenomenon and her parents taught her the value and importance of giving back & serving others in need. She has made her mark all over Entertainment; from Fashion, Music, Television, Print, Beauty you name it Beyonce has conquered it all well deservingly.
More importantly Beyonce Knowles-Carter wants us to know “She Was Here” giving back around the world leaving a clear message in our hearts. What about you? What are some of your charitable efforts in your community??