Naturally Beautiful


The key to happiness lies within. Be happy with yourself. Never let others define, threaten or take away your happiness. Love Yourself First. No one can Be You better than You.
Hair by #ShaBree of #SewTalented

Have a Happy Day, count your Blessings.
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July 4th Weekend Summer Essentials


‚ÄčThe Bare Necessities! Are you ready for July 4th Weekend? Everyone is headed to the beach. Schools out, families start their vacations. The key is to pack just the bare necessities. Some things are standard, blanket, towel, chair, and umbrella. But for the Diva or Fashionista the bare necessities list goes on. You don’t need your entire make-up counter or the whole closet. You will be walking the beach so choose your shoes wisely here’s my list for my July 4th get-away- flip flops A great pair that goes from sand to the boardwalk. I love my #OP’s I got from #Walmart, Summer make-up palette includes my; Mac lip stick, Sephora lip gloss, white Roxy mesh/halter 2-piece bathing suit, matching mesh cover-up for chilly nights, Dr. Miracles tingling moisturizer. A hair tie, LV Overnight bag, LV Crossbody to carry my IPhone credit cards and ID. My Johnson’s baby oil, Skin So Soft body oil spray (original of course, keeps Mosquitos away) Bath & Body Works True Escape Body spray, Juicy Couture-Couture Parfum, London Times Sundress, Closet Glam Wooven Sunhat, & lace white leggings in case the night gets chilly. All squeezed into my one bag. Can’t forget my Swarovski Crystal Stud earrings. My Nook and my #BeatsbyDRE headphones complete my bag. Now I’m ready for July 4th.

Friendly Reminder, moisturize and no pro- longed over exposure to the sun if your sensitive. Sun block, sun block. The sand is a natural skin exfoliant mixed with ocean water so rinse skin thoroughly after leaving the water. Then moisturize your skin after a cool shower. Have fun and I wanna see your Beach Essentials and pics. Have fun this coming weekend, more importantly BE SAFE! Love, Trendsetters/Glamour Nation


Feeding My Mind & Body


I’ve been trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I don’t like that curse word (diet) cause when you say it, you’re doomed to fail it. So let’s say we’re adopting a healthier lifestyle. This includes: moving, some form of exercise, eating right and thinking right. Me and my workout partner, prayer warrior and cousin (Eyvonda) we went to yoga class, then we shopped #TraderJoes and had early dinner at #Chipotles. I then headed to the library and found two great book at a bargain. Normally I’m a #Nook gal but sometimes I just need that hardback book.
#TraderJoes haul: spinach dip, light sour cream, light cream cheese, raisin rosemary crisps, spanakoplias, Thai curry sauce and snack toasts.
#EwingLibrary haul: “Enemies-History of the FBI”, “The Power of Habit-Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business”
A few pictures of us Girl talking at #Chipotles