Cold Weather Gearing Up For Custom Spring Fashion


Brrrrrrr it’s cold outside. My fashion is cold but cute. Crochet hat, crochet sweater duster, old navy jeans, cashmere sweater, beige shirt my sister got me for #Kwanzaa, minimal accessories and #Gucci framed glasses. Oh yeah, love this #Crochet spiral scarf Mrs Eddie-Mae made for me from my #CrochetGroup #StitchInTime. Spent the day with my girl Jennifer fabric/craft shopping at the #FabricWarehouse in New Jersey and skipped on over to #Ikea getting ready for some fab Spring Fashions. Yes a new Spring collection of dresses, skirts and lounge pants are on the way. Here’s a look at the wonderful things we found.









What fashion colors/trends are you looking forward to seeing this Spring?
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Crocheting For A Cause


I’ve harnessed my newfound love of #Crocheting I’m apart of this lovely group of women who knit, crochet and other crafts. We meet on Tuesdays at #ShilohBaptistChurch Their group #StitchInTime not only lend their time to teach but knit/ crochet with a cause. They’ve donated 100’s of hat/scarves to children in #fostercare under the division of family services, but also to local hospitals as well as children’s hospitals in NJ, PA and NY. Don’t think these ladies are just knittys but they share their wisdom, talk about news topics and share recipes. I love these ladies. I’m so inspired by them I had to dedicate this article to them. Sending my Love to Maryann, Ora, Liz, Eddie Mae, Janet, Pearl, Gloria, Cheryl, Ann, and Lacretia. Check out their pictures and stay tuned to see the projects I’ve made. Shout out to #PastorArmstrong who stops by to give a good word, also get some restful pep talk and sample the homemade treats these ladies prepare on a weekly basis.
Stay tuned…




OOTD: Navy Blue Beauty


I love this 3-piece navy blue custom set. It was made by a dear friend and sewing/fashion mentor from Chicago Illinois. I learned so much from her, Thanks Sister Jennifer, miss you.
Navy blue wide-legged pants, long top with pleats in the back and headpiece. Blue satin beauty I pulled out of my closet in which I’ve been #shopping recently in my own #closet and #thrifting. I can still fit it, although it’s a couple years old.
What do you think?
Jewelry is from #closetglamboutique


Fabulous Custom Fall Fashions


As you know, I make my own clothes primarily. I’m excited because I’ve been on a roll creating fabulous fashions not just for myself but for some new clients as well as my grandsons. The weather is perfect except I believe the weatherman said snow this weekend?! What? “No I’m not ready” in my best #KevinHart impression. I don’t do snow, me in all of my fabulousness will stay in the house with my #Chino (my #Yorkie ), cozy flannels, booties and my #Keurig .
Pictured is my #ClosetGlamBoutique pashmina, #MichaelKors blue/gold studded handbag and blue plaid custom cape I made from my new fall collection from #YassinaApparel.

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Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating Party Jersey Girls Style


I’m a die-hard #EAGLES fan. So I hung out with my #Jersey girls from our #Meetup group. We were at the last home game in which the #Eagles defeated the #Giants. Shout out to my girls from our group Michelle, Lauren, Kristen, Judy, Lauren and the other two ladies I’m embarrassed I forgot their names. Adore you all.

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