Club BeBe – My Dress Obsession


#BeBe’s brands are designed in-house with a great marketing campaign that has seen the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria and more recently Chanel Iman. A lot of people criticize BeBe: they often say the store is too pricey, poor quality merchandise and I know bebe has gone through some executive changes as well when the founder stepped down and an interim CEO was placed at the helm.
But take another look at #BeBe stores. Im here to share my obsession with their dresses. I love it when I walk into the store and they know my name. The staff at #QuakerBridgeMall are so darling and helpful, never overbearing. They have some style of their own too, I’ve told them on numerous occasions. The manager is great, eager to assist you in finding the perfect dress for any occasion. Their dresses go from modest to chic to even couture. You can always accessorize too. The wall boasts great shoes, bags and jewelry along with my favorite-the clearance wall and racks. As I’m happy with my wonderful purchases the manager reminds me not to forget to take advantage of my #Clubbebe points and discounts. Did I mention they have the best fitting leggings on the planet. So go back, take another look at bebe, I’m sure you’ll agree. If it’s still to pricey, hit the sales rack. Check them out and let me know if you agree?








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