Here’s To Your Health


Hi Ladies. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to take care of your health. I too wanted to take the easy route but too many people are having complications from weight loss surgery. In the very near future I wanna focus on our health. Write an article on little things you can do to get healthy like walking, household chores and eating fresh foods like more fruits and vegetables to help us live a longer, healthier life. We don’t have to be extreme with it. I simply added going to #PlanetFitness a couple days a week with my cousin Eyvonda to my overall health routine. We inspire, coach and support each other.

I’m also gonna write an article on #highbloodpressure the #silentkiller It’s called the silent killer for a reason. Take cue from me, I could no longer wait for my job to do the right thing by me and get me treatment for my work related injury. It seemed like I was progressively getting worse. I’m taking my life in my own hands eating healthier, hitting the gym, walking my dog a little longer, playing with my grands and getting a regular check up. When my pain hits me my blood pressure shoots really high. So I monitor myself and notify my doctor with any concerns. You can too, It’s Time to Take Your Health Seriously. Sometimes the Easiest route is Not the Best route. My husband reminded me, ” You didn’t put that weight on in a day, it won’t disappear in a day. No matter how much money you spend”. So join me. Let’s Get Healthy Together! Save A Life! Tell me about your health journey, healthy recipes, routines, in the comments, I’d love to see before and after pictures.







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