Michael Kors Sale


I’m a huge fan of #MichaelKors, not just the retail aspect but his work ethic, perseverance, long struggle to be successful and the fact that he didn’t let the nay Sayers and haters stop him from achieving success. (If you don’t believe me, check out his CFDA Lifetime Achievement Awards speech from 2011) needless to say, he has a great sale going on. If you’re still building and accessorizing your Spring to Summer Closet, you don’t wanna miss these deals. Shout out the Fab girls that work at #MK #QuakerBridgeMall, Lawrenceville, NJ. Always friendly, courteous and helpful. (Pictured Emilia Vargas) thanks Ladies! And my Son #TrentonPayper and my Grandson for tagging along. Sidebar-My son says I will make him go broke hanging with me, LOL.
I won’t reveal what I purchased yet, you gotta stay tuned……





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