Pencil Skirts and Ties, the event held at Ambassador Ballroom. I had a chance to interview some local talented artist who opened up the show. The show opened with #B.Moore whose sexy swag, style and sound crooned the ladies with seduction to his hit song “Again”. It was reminiscent of the 80-90’s Classic R&B. Next was hip hop artist #TrentonPayper. He got the crowd hyped with his infectious new dance song “The Money Dance” the crowd eagerly shouted encore so they could learn this new dance. The night flowed with more local talent until Ms HOLLYHOOD Teairra Mar’i arrived looking fashionably Fabulous as always.
Teairra Mar’i arrived with her glam team/stylist Gianni.
Teairra Mar’i wore this maroon/sheer slinky, sexy little dress with a leather shingle jacket and matching fringe boots.
TS: Who are you wearing tonight?
TM-A new designer out of Detroit called “House of Élan”
TS: How did you choose this dress, what inspired this evenings fashion?
TM: My boots. I always start with my shoes, then my stylist finished the look.
TS: You look fabulous, your makeup, hair and fashion.
TM: Thank you. I love fashion, love checking for up and coming designers.
TS: You’re our girl next door. That’s how everyone sees you. Next door to Hollywood success.
TM: I’m the epitome of HOLLYHOOD! I can be chilling having a great time, I’m your girl til somebody tries to cross me and I have to get hood on them quickly.
TS: rumor mill alert?
TM: okay
TS: I heard you’re reunited with your Ex- Ray J on an upcoming reality tv project?
TM: Me and Ray J go back a long way, something like 10 years.
TS: Ray J is casted for Love & Hip-Hop LA, is that where you guys will reunite?
TM: where did you hear that?
TS: Well I also heard part of the original cast was replaced with the likes of Dawn Richards, Aubrey O’Day ( both are member of Danity Kane) and Ms. Joy ( Bow-Wow baby mama), Omarion and The Game?
TM: Hmmm, sounds like an impressive cast, but I have no comment. I do have a tv project in the works and it has been an emotional ride filming it.
TS: So you’re not gonna tell us if it’s Love & Hip-Hop LA?
TM: You will just have to wait and see (she gives us that girl next door smile).
We continued to chat it up as if we were girlfriends next door catching up. Teairra Mar’i is a doll. She has brains, beauty and talent. (Acting or singing) I had to let her go, the crowd was over anxious for her to belt out her tunes we love. As she rocked the mic, danced with the crowd, I scouted the floor for more fashionable mentions.
Fashionable Mentions:
B. Moore
Trenton Payper
Ciara- #BodyCentral
Kiana- #CharlotteRousse
Dora – #MichaelKors shoes

FYI: A few days after my interview I learned according to #TMz and #Bossip.com #TeairraMari was spotted out with #RayJ where an altercation occurred with her and Princess who is Ray J’s current girlfriend during the taping of #LOVEANDHIPHOPLA.
We got our confirmation and can’t wait to see our girl. (I hope Teairra Mar’i won that round) given her on-again off-again relationship with Ray J, I’m sure this will not be their last run in.











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