A Beautiful, Healthier You! Markidah Gibson’s Journey.


Did you know that 1.5 Billion adults are overweight? Or that 65% of the worlds population live in countries where they are more likely to die from obesity than malnutrition?

African American women are more likely than any other ethnic group to be obese or overweight. 4/5 Black women are overweight or obese. A person is considered overweight when their Body Mass Index or BMI is 25 or greater.

There’s a movement happening among African American women in the US to counter the Obesity statistics and live a more healthier lifestyle. By age 20 many Black women begin to struggle with weight issues. Black women are taking their health more seriously, eating healthier, taking classes like Zumba and hitting the gym regularly. Take the journey of my Colleague and fellow Fashion Diva Markidah Gibson in our candid discussion about her health journey, educational accomplishments and her passion for fashion.

While Markidah is still pursuing her educational goals she shared with me her journey as it continues..

Markidah didn’t begin to struggle with weight issues until her freshman year at Rutgers University -Newark. ” In the beginning I gained like 15 lbs my freshman year. My weight fluctuated up and down the few years that followed. If I didn’t work out, I’d gain weight rapidly, that’s how my body worked”. She accepted the fact that, to achieve her goals of living a healthier lifestyle meant she had to adopt a regular exercise routine. In the beginning she cut out all soda from her diet for the first four months. (Soda/Juice beverage 16-20oz can contain as much as 77g of sugar) To this day I very rarely have a soda.
I pretty much eat what I like, but to keep with being healthy, I understand the importance of eating smaller portions.
When you strive to be healthier the key I want you to remember is; believe In yourself, stick to a regular exercise routine at least three times a week, and finally -stay off the scale. Start a memory book of good before and after photos. To chronicle your health journey”.

My Pastime
I’m a Fashion Bargain Diva. I’m always looking for great deals, taking advantage of discounts and bargains on clothes and shoes. While I have no problem spending my money on great quality finds, but honestly, who doesn’t pass up a good sale on their favorite designer wear?! Check out some of my styles secrets; my dress could be a bargain steal for $5.00 but my shoes could run $300. What I want you to walk away with from my journey is this..My value is not in my outer beauty or how much money I spend on my clothes. The true test of beauty comes from within. Don’t let others influence or define it for you. Choose to live a healthier lifestyle for you.
My Accomplishments:
I lost 68lbs total to date
I earned my BS in Criminal Justice
Also earned my MASTERS in Criminal Justice and currently pursuing my MASTERS in Business Administration








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