Why Do Women Hate Other Women?


I’m so disgusted over this fact that women hate other women. Why? Men do not experience or go through this type of behavior. Too often women hate women for no darn reason at all. We clique up and alienate other women with our vicious verbal and sometimes the attacks become physical. I know you’ve heard me say this over and over again, but it’s a subject I’m passionate about, and I am willing to work hard to eradicate this self-hate, and destructive behavior that we pass on from generation to generation, peer to peer.

This epidemic is a social nightmare. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is filled with comments and videos of this behavior that is encouraged when it should be completely unacceptable. The fact that it’s acted out on social media so rampantly let’s me know how low we really think of each other as women. It’s not about skin color. This women hate women crosses color and age lines. This deep rooted psychological self hate the we reflect upon one another is even instilled in our daughters. I’ve seen mothers encourage their daughters unacceptable bullying behavior.

How do we counter this behavior that is borderline bullying?

With simple acts of self-love, self-value, self-worth and mutual self-respect, We would make much more progress as women. if we truly believed in this mantra I learned from being an MGT. “I WANT FOR MY SISTER WHAT I WANT FOR MYSELF”, THE WORLD and yes I said THE WORLD would be a much better place. Now just say it, apply it, speak it, believe it! There is room for All of us to be successful without clawing each other to death as Women…. Most of this behavior is socially related, psychologist even believe it starts with a mother/daughter relationship or lack thereof. What do you think?


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