Why Do Women Hate Other Women?


I’m so disgusted over this fact that women hate other women. Why? Men do not experience or go through this type of behavior. Too often women hate women for no darn reason at all. We clique up and alienate other women with our vicious verbal and sometimes the attacks become physical. I know you’ve heard me say this over and over again, but it’s a subject I’m passionate about, and I am willing to work hard to eradicate this self-hate, and destructive behavior that we pass on from generation to generation, peer to peer.

This epidemic is a social nightmare. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter is filled with comments and videos of this behavior that is encouraged when it should be completely unacceptable. The fact that it’s acted out on social media so rampantly let’s me know how low we really think of each other as women. It’s not about skin color. This women hate women crosses color and age lines. This deep rooted psychological self hate the we reflect upon one another is even instilled in our daughters. I’ve seen mothers encourage their daughters unacceptable bullying behavior.

How do we counter this behavior that is borderline bullying?

With simple acts of self-love, self-value, self-worth and mutual self-respect, We would make much more progress as women. if we truly believed in this mantra I learned from being an MGT. “I WANT FOR MY SISTER WHAT I WANT FOR MYSELF”, THE WORLD and yes I said THE WORLD would be a much better place. Now just say it, apply it, speak it, believe it! There is room for All of us to be successful without clawing each other to death as Women…. Most of this behavior is socially related, psychologist even believe it starts with a mother/daughter relationship or lack thereof. What do you think?




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My Custom Jewelry Collection


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3-Important Reasons to Take Better Care of You


That long list of responsibilities must take a back seat, or our bodies will burn out and force us to take some time out.  Oftentimes we are under so much stress we don’t even realize it, until it’s too late.  Disease, fatigue, sleep deprivation, poor posture even death are often the result of us not taking some time out to care for ourselves.

There’s a million and one things we squeeze into a day, whether it’s home, work or family.  All of these things must take a back seat when it comes to our well-being.

Tell me one thing you did for yourself this week?  That list is probably short and the week just started, but I bet you can tell me more than one thing you have done for others.  Thats what I mean, no time for self = BURNOUT.

It is equally important to take care of the physical and mental part of our being, but just as important to foster the emotional part of us too.  Did you know that taking one hour a day, just for yourself can make a world of a difference in your life?  You don’t have to do something drastic.  There are  little things you can do to show  yourself some self love on a daily basis.

First things first, you must adopt a healthier eating habit.  Most of us are eating ourselves to death, literally.  I heard it all.  I’ve been guilty of saying it too, I don’t wanna give up this and that my family grew up eating this stuff.  Whats the point of eating food you know is no good for you.  The average man or woman barely reaches the age 50.  Over indulgence of sugar and starches makes us suffer from unspeakable pain, loss of limbs, ailments, excessive belly fat not to mention the inability to concentrate.  All due to bad eating habits.  Testing the latest diet miracle, or following Dr. so and so or gobbling the latest energy drinks.  When simply all we have to do, is just eat better.  Eat to Live! Also understand there is no substitution for pure, good old fashion water. Our body is 75% water and derives energy solely from the foods we consume. Study food, fill your body with wholesome foods.  You will add more healthy years to your life

Secondly, MOVE.  In short, the body was made to move so exercise is vitally important.  Exercise is necessary for physical fitness and overall good health. Exercise improves posture, flexibility  and stamina so you can work hard and use less energy to do it.  Developing a regular exercise habit helps your heartbeat to become regulated faster after strenuous activity. Regular exercise gives you strength and endurance for your muscle and bones.

Thirdly, get some rest.  Nothing replaces sleep. Sleep aids the body in committing all the new things we learn on a daily basis to permanent memory.  Did you know that skipping out on rest causes the body to gain extra weight?  It alters the hormones that affect our appetite and the way our bodies store and process carbohydrates.  Losing out on sleep causes uncontrollable moodiness, irritability and the inability to concentrate. Suffering from sleep deprivation increases stress levels, negatively affects the heart causing an irregular heartbeats and malfunction of our immune system. Giving the body time to rest and sleep, allows the body to fight infections, it is also known to help ward off cancer.

A lifestyle of eating healthy, exercising and sleep can reduce the amount of stress in our lives tremendously. Not taking care of yourself can lead to Hypertension. Its one of the leading causes of death in Americans.  There are no warning signs that’s why it’s called the silent killer.  A healthy lifestyle takes time, and there are small things you can do to take a lot better care of yourselves along the way.  Lighten your workload, learn to delegate responsibilities when you can. Its okay to say no sometimes too.

Take a little time for yourself. During your lunch or break period, change it up, read a book, drink tea, knit, listen to music or indulge in whatever little guilty pleasure that will make you feel better and lighten up an already hectic day.  When the time permits, schedule a day at the spa, I did.  It can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit and makes a girl feel totally refreshed and renewed.  Trust me, you will feel better and look better cause you’ve taken some time out to love yourself.  What do you have to lose? Are you not worth the same care and love?

Robin Hallett
(My article originally Written 1/7/2014, adopted from my Glamgirlsnation Inspirational Blog)

Beyonc’e Mega-Star & Mega-Humanitarian


My admiration for Beyonc’e goes deeper than her artistry. It’s the side of this Mega-Star many don’t get a chance to see, but we all should know.
So, I’m taking a cue from #Beyonce Knowles-Cater’s book of, Charity starts with one kind effort.
Many of you may not like her songs, like how she dress or dances. Make ignorant, disrespectful and prejudice comments about her beautiful, innocent daughter #BlueIvy. Some don’t even like the fact that she’s married to #JayZ, but the one thing you cannot dislike is her good heart because more than all her money and fame is her Humanitarian Efforts.

Beyonce has raised more than $1 Million for her husband’s Shawn Carter Foundation, his organization that sends kids to college. Secondly, she Co-founded the Beyonce Cosmetology Center with her mother Tina Knowles. The program is designed for women recovering from drugs to earn their cosmetology license during a seven month training. Mrs. Carter later, Collaborated with FLOTUS Michelle Obama on her “Move Your Body” video for the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign to help fight childhood obesity. Beyonce and her family along with Destiny’s Child members went to the aid of victims from Hurricane Katrina. To date Beyonce has donated more than $2.5 Million to Katrina victims displaced and now living in Houston. Her latest efforts as seen on her World Tours is Mrs Carter and the Survivor Team partnered with Feed America to donate food and supplies to food banks across America.

While many choose to negatively talk about Beyonce, this Super Star Shines! Husband, Jay Z said in his song “#Part II- On The Run”, ” BLIND ME BABY WITH YOUR NEON LIGHTS” ( which is my favorite song for 2014 right now).

I digress, how many of us can say we take time out of our lives to help someone less fortunate than ourselves? You don’t need millions of dollars to feed a homeless person, help a senior citizen grocery shop, volunteer at your local soup kitchen, donate your old clothes and shoes to family shelters, mentor high school students, be a big brother/big sister to a fatherless or motherless child.
We can ALL DO SOMETHING. Step back, save your judgements and DO SOMETHING!
People are suffering everyday. Young men, women and children are being murdered or suffering from senseless acts of violence. Prejudices and ignorance are rampantly plaguing our communities, when just one single act of kindness and love could do so much more. Look around, everyday there is a frightening disrespect of human life.

But, change can happen and happen over night just by simply caring about someone other than yourself. I challenge everyone to Smile often. Something as simple as a smile can really go a long way. Each of us can make a difference in the life of another.

Say whatever you want about Beyonce, I have admiration for the woman she has Evolved into. Mrs. Carter is a Mega- Star Phenomenon and her parents taught her the value and importance of giving back & serving others in need. She has made her mark all over Entertainment; from Fashion, Music, Television, Print, Beauty you name it Beyonce has conquered it all well deservingly.
More importantly Beyonce Knowles-Carter wants us to know “She Was Here” giving back around the world leaving a clear message in our hearts. What about you? What are some of your charitable efforts in your community??

My Style


What’s funny is I had a training class for officers and I didn’t know it was hands on combat, so when I showed up looking like this my Lt sent me home ( he said nobody wants to be charged with sexual harassment). I truly didn’t know, they wouldn’t even let me take my shoes off. Lmbo
Sweater Dress by #CalvinKlein, Gypsy #Leggings by #ClosetGlamBoutique, ankle boots stylists own, Hair by ShaBree, accessories also http://www.LetsGetGlammed.wordpress.com picture taken at Closet Glam. My grandson my Ke’an clothing by #childrensplace

What do you think? They should’ve let me stayed right?