Simple Techniques to Owning Your Look!


Do you know how particular you are when it comes to food, music, makeup, even friends?  Well the same must be said for your choices in Fashion.  Fashion selection should be used as a tool, no matter whats in season.  Nothing makes you feel better than “Owning Your Look”. Making calculated fashion choices shows a sense of confidence, comfort and creates balance.  Wearing clothes that look like they were made to fit you perfectly based on knowing your  right shape, and having a great sense of style is the ultimate confidence booster. Not to mention, it makes for one savvy fashionista!

No, you don’t have to go shopping and purchase an entirely new wardrobe. I have a better idea. It’s easier than you think and can be said in three simple words; “Own Your Style !” You are unique, your taste in fashion is unique to you. It is your distinct taste in fashion and closet that you already own will aid you on this fashion re-vamping journey. There I said it, your favorite designer may not like it but, you don’t need tons of money to do it. Kind of like a fashion overhaul, do-over but creatively working what you already own and making it work for you better.
First things first. Time to get re-acquainted with that beautiful shape and figure you got hiding under years of unflattering style. You know the one buried beneath all them designer labels but not the right style choices. Yeah her/him the one staring back at you in the full length mirror. Now that you’ve found her/him beneath that rubble we call fashion, I don’t want you to start nit-picking. This is not the section where you start beating yourself down cause you’re not the right height, shape, bust, build, don’t have flat abs, a six pack or even an apple bottom for that matter. No my dear, this is the point of acceptance that we’re in the process of making healthy choices to weigh properly, eat correctly, live longer more fulfilling lives, learn to accept and love that person in the mirror that’s staring back at you.
Now, the idea here is to grasp you’re own personal body shape, make fashion choices that fit and compliment your style and makes your current closet work for you without spending a dime. Understand, bodies come in all shapes, sizes, lengths and widths. Depending on where you get your information from they have many names as well. I’ve chosen five will help you identify your shape, take control and own it. Based on this information you can get creative, change up how you wear your current clothing to accentuate your newly recognized shape.  Creating new matches and ensembles with the fashions you already own can save you tons of money. (I will never get tired of saying that) Lets look at the many shapes we come in and how from this point forward we can “Own Our Look”

The Curvy Shape: aka hourglass body. How do we “Own It”? break up your shape, wear fitted  clothes that further define your shape like waist belts.  Avoid layering, wear jackets that nip the waist.  Dresses that flare or jackets that flare at the waist like poplin.  Skinny legs, boot cut jeans and pencil skirts. These three all bring contour to your already curvy shape. Understand there’s a difference between fitted and tight. (Smile). Class is always the goal.

The Petite Shape: How do you “Own It”? Wear maxi dresses, A-line skirts, wide legged pants and structured jackets are your new best friend.  You want to give the illusion of elongating the body and evening out your body proportion.

The Boyish Shape: How do you ” Own It”? Your goal is to create curves in what appears to be none. Choose clothing that’s more custom to fit you snugly.  Draping is also a great idea for you. Blazers and jackets with soft shoulders but just nip your waist line.  Avoid straight lines and stripes, unless broken up, or worn crosswise. Wear asymmetrical or ruffles hemlines. Try adding curves and volume to your bottom half with high waisted or boot cut pants. Make sure they fit at the waist but adds shape to your bottom torso.  Stick to tapered waists when you can.

The Tall/Athletic Shape: How do you “Own It”? Creating balance for your shape with feminine style points is key. Boyfriend jeans are perfect cause you can add draping and movement with you tops. Also, go for tank tops and wrap dresses, they beautifully add lines across the body to give you a more feminine look. Don’t be afraid to wear long tops, pair them with your low waisted pants to achieve that ultra feminine look and balance out your shape.

The Full Figured/Circle Shape: How do you “Own It”? Structure is your goal not covering. A mistake many full-figured women make all the time. Do just the opposite. Open up your neckline, wear flared sleeves on your tops, ruching also gives you an hourglass appearance and hides the tummy. Wear wrap dresses and cutout hemlines in your shirts or dresses, they draw angles across the body that great for your shape. Try adding a tank top shirt beneath, this can even give you more support where you need it, but is an awesome style boost. Stick to straight leg pants or boot cut jeans with a platform shoe or pump. If you follow these few simple pointers, you will have your Shape & Style mastered in no time.

Once you’ve found your style niche, reclaim your closet and everything will begin to work well together for you.  Dress up or dress down your basics, adding simple pieces will turn work clothes into after dinner ensembles.  Switch up patters and fabrics, don’t be afraid to mix highs and lows. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune following every new trend.  The secret to looking and feeling great about yourself, is definitely not spending a fortune. Quite simply, it is knowing your shape, dressing that fits not hides, clothing that accentuates you not masks you and positively, confidently “OWNING YOUR LOOK!” No two bodies are alike, but owning yours is key!



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